Photo-a-Day: Journey

2012-02-16 17.01.12

With the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings, this Scripture seems appropriate…


The path violent men have followed, I will not travel. Violence is not my way. Your ways and Your voice now guide my journey.
I will press on—moving steadfastly forward along Your path.
I will not look back. I will not stumble.
I am crying aloud to You, O True God, for I long to know Your answer.
Hear me, O God. Hear my plea. Hear my prayer for help.
Liberator of those who long for shelter beside You,
set them safely away from their enemies, ever welcomed by grace.

Psalm 17:4-7 The Voice


Care to play along? The list is found here…


P.S. Jump in anytime. And don’t worry if you post the wrong photo on the wrong day… like I just did… 😉

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