Advent C: Photo-a-Day


I went looking for a list of Advent through Epiphany Photo-A-Day lists for my annual journey through the season. I found some thought-provoking and challenging lists, but they either stopped at Christmas, or didn’t line up with the Sunday focus I was already doing.

So. I made my own. I read through the weekly and daily lectionary Scriptures (generally and reflectively… please don’t think I did a massive hermeneutical analysis, because I didn’t!) With the Sunday words already in place, I chose words to bring deeper meaning and challenge.

You are more than welcome to use, share, borrow, or… maybe even make your own! 🙂 The file is a PDF and should be read-able on any platform. You can also save the graphic above.

May you find a new place of inspiration and renewal. I’ll be sharing my words here and on my Tumblr. Hope you’ll link in and participate if you aren’t doing this project elsewhere.



Look up the word for the day. As you go throughout your day, take a quick picture of something which “speaks” to you about this word’s meaning. Blog on it if you like, link to it on Facebook, or share it on other social media platforms. I’m tagging mine with the word of the day and then categories PhotoADay  and Advent.

Some days I don’t see a photo op that speaks to me… and then frequently another photo I’ve taken will come to mind so I’ll post that one. Feel free to be creative.



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