NaBloPoMo: Church Clothes

RevGalBlogPals started as a group of… BLOGGERS! (OK, Duh). But in this world of Facebook, I know that I spend less time on my blog. RevGals are encouraging each other to get back in the habit (non-sectarian kind) and blog every day in November in honor of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). So here’s today’s prompt:

Write about what you wear at church (your best clothes, your comfy clothes, robe, stole, etc.). What does the phrase “church clothes” look like in your world?

womaninpulpitHere’s the glory of being in a contemporary, “emergent-style” sort of church. Jeans are fine. I can dress it up a little with a scarf or a cardigan, but most weeks, I’m wearing jeans, maybe a casual pair of pants… (I should note that if you show up at our church in a suit and tie, or a dress with pearls and heels, we’ll know for sure you are a visitor!)

I haven’t worn a robe on Sunday morning in any of the churches I’ve served in on staff. One of these years I’ll get cracking and make/buy/beg a complete set of stoles. I also have some tab collar shirts that I wear very occasionally for funerals when I’m not robing. Somehow, people expect “the clergy” to look like one.

But back to the question of “what to wear…”

When I’m church-hopping on that occasional Sunday when I am not serving/leading/singing/preaching, I notice how casual or formal people dress. Generally, people try to at least have on clean clothes. They may or may not be wearing anything very dressy, but they generally look ‘nice.’

I really don’t care what people wear, quite honestly, as long as it’s not obscene. That gives a lot of leeway, in my mind. You shouldn’t feel unwelcome because of what you are wearing. It’s one thing to say, “We welcome everyone” and then give the side-eye-stink-eye because a visitor is in JEANS or SHORTS or (gasp) A SHIRT WITHOUT SLEEVES.

End of rant… rambling blog post.

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