Friday Five: The Family Foamhenge Game

This week I’m hosting the Friday Five over at RevGalBlogPals. Play along if you’d like!

During a recent family reunion in Lexington, Virginia, I went with some members of my family to see Foamhenge. the creation of Mark Cline that “mysteriously” appeared one April Fools’ Day. It’s a life-sized styrofoam replica of the real deal. (I kid you not.) If you are in to off-the beaten-path, unique family bonding moments, this will do it.

Every family has their own traditions, quirks and follies. So for this week’s Friday Five, tell us about your family/tribe/clan for these 5 distinctive traits:

1. Favorite Game: We play a multi-handed game of Solitaire (yes that’s an oxymoron). We call it “Th-Wappa-Wappa” for onomatopoeic reasons. It’s hilarious, fast, furious and cutthroat. If you want to be a true member of the family, you learn how to play. And survive. Here’s an overhead shot of the start of one round:

2. Favorite Sports Team: Is there any doubt? THE Ohio State University!

3. Birthday tradition: The birthday person gets to set the menu (within reason) and decide what kind of birthday cake they want. There are candles. We aren’t very strict about the number over a certain age.

4.The place that you collectively call “Home” (even if none of you live there any more.) I’ve been thinking about this one a lot recently. I think I’d have to say Ohio, specifically the southeastern part where our immigrant ancestors had a homestead. If they didn’t cost $30, I’d buy one of these…)

5. Family Vacation Spot: Harbor Island, South Carolina. A lovely corner of the world.

2014-08-04 19.35.07

BONUS: Family Dessert: Everyone has it. That yummy, calorie-laden delight that frequents your table at parties or holidays. Share the recipe, or (if it’s a family secret) share a photo.

Well… this is probably the hardest. We do like our chocolate! The Old Family Recipe that I have made most often is Moorish Eggs (found here on our family cooking blog.)


PSSST!!! There’s a contest going on over at RevGalBlogPals this week! Check it out! There’s a winner every day! 🙂

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