Friday Five: O! Christmas Tree!

3dogmom over at RevGals writes:

It’s been a week of wrangling with the Christmas tree at our house. Multiple strands of new lights were strung carefully on the tree for big impact, but here and there malfunctions and blackouts occurred. On the third day we still don’t have fully functional lights, which is problematic mostly because until that is resolved, nothing else goes on the tree.

In light of that (no pun intended) I thought The Christmas Tree might be a good launch pad for today’s FF. So…

1) Real tree, or “fake?”
For years we did the “parking lot tree” or went to a “cut-your-own” farm. Not. Worth. The Hassle.

About 10 years ago, we converted to “fake” trees. About 3 years ago I got a “pre-lit” tree. Honestly, it has been easier. Since I loathe cleaning up pine needles (because, honestly, who do you think was the person who did the clean-up?) I am happy with an artificial tree. Call me unChristian. Whatever.

2) White or colored lights?
Our pre-lit tree is covered in white lights. Outside, it’s a variety of colored lights!!

3) When do you put up and take down your tree?
We put the tree up during Thanksgiving weekend when our daughters are home. It varies when I take it down. I like to leave it up until 12th Night.

4) Tell us about your favorite ornament (share a picture, if you can).

Oh my goodness… so many. There are hand-made ornaments from our daughters at various ages, and some beautiful etched glass made by one of my sisters.

5) What goes on the top of your tree (again, share a photo, if possible)?
It’s an electric star that was on our family trees when I was growing up.


Bonus: Are there traditions about decorating your tree that you’d like to share?
When the girls were born, I started collecting an ornament for them every year of their life. They each have a box of decorations now for their homes (when they start decorating them). I started doing this because the first year I got a tree in my apartment, I had NO ornaments. I made a bunch, but they were really not that pretty. Every year I try to find something that represents what we’ve done as a family. Sometimes it’s shells from the beach. Sometimes it was related to their Halloween costume (hence the dinosaur ornament and a ballerina). Together as we decorate the tree, they put on their ornaments, and then we fill up the space with the many ornaments I have left. Even when they take their personal ornaments, I will still have plenty!

It was a ballerina year!
It was a ballerina year!
Frank Lloyd Wright ornament (left) from a trip to Falling Water. The aspen leaf (right) is from a family vacation to Colorado.

Oh – the bottom of the tree is decorated with cat-friendly ornaments. Usually we find two or three that have been “repurposed” as cat toys.

No one knows how this happened...
No one knows how this happened…

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