Advent Photo-a-Day: Sign

A Sign
A Sign

This is a banner created by the kids of our church. It made me smile. The joy of the Nativity is coming soon – “good news of great joy’!

There is a temptation to assign importance to the things we can see as “signs.” But in my limited understanding, they can more often be “coincidental sightings” — not signs from God. Funny how that works…

One way for certain to know a sign is from God is to see if it brings others JOY. If it does, then it could indeed be “a sign.” A sign of Good News for all people. A sign of The Promise yet to come. A sign that is seen not with the eyes, but the heart, as God shows up in the unexpected, the surprising, and the unprecedented.

That’s a sign to watch for!

As Ann Weems wrote:

Those who wait for God
watch with their hearts and not their eyes.
always listening
for angel words.

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