Advent Photo-A-Day: Good News

I had hoped for a great photo today… a photo announcing  new job. That decision is delayed until next week… and I don’t know if I actually got the position. (SIGH)

And on top of that, I have the flu, brought home from college and shared (unwittingly) by #2 Daughter. I’m counting my blessings… It’s not the “puke-your-guts-out” flu; it’s more like the “fever,-chills-and-feeling-like-a-wet-noodle” flu.

Being a pastor of very-little-brain in flu-land, I had trouble coming up with good news for today. Then I remembered this song:

Bad news haunts you,
Trouble wants you,
You feel all is lost.
The Thief stole hope
But he got hung by his own rope,
Yes, he’s been double-crossed!

Good news is happening to you!
Good news is happening to you!
You can not see it, you must believe,
You can not earn it, you must receive,
You can not do it, it’s all been done,
Brought free to you by God’s Own Son!
Good News, Good News, Good News is happening to you.

“Good News” by Brian McLaren

The Good News is not situational. It’s not job-related. It’s not even health-related. It’s life, a new life, offered to us freely through Christ. And so, here’s a picture of my life today –

Good News. Life, Cats, Coffee, and the flu. I’m gonna be OK.

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