A Prayer for Monday, July 15, 2013


We watch the gathering storm.
We see the turmoil,
the winds of change
that batter our carefully defined realities
and push at our thin boundaries.
We confess that we resort to the comforts of racism
instead of seeking to love our neighbors
as ourselves.
We admit that we far too often
make assumptions instead of listen.
We are content if we have all we want,
when many are left without their needs met.
We settle on electing politicians
instead of true representatives
of “justice for all.”

We pray for change,
for our world cannot sustain this
present course.

We hope that where the sea change starts
our comfort level will welcome it,
for we know in our hearts that it is time.
The high water mark shifts closer.
The winds pick up.
The whirlwind mesmerizes us.

may we not fall back on fear
or self-righteousness.
May we build bridges
rather than sink in new pylons
and stay the course.

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