Friday Five: Lent

RevGal Jan offers this week’s Friday Five!

1. Oddly this year, the second day of Lent was Valentine’s Day. How was this for you? Was Valentine’s Day any different being in Lent?
It being in Lent didn’t really make a difference, quite honestly. I was on-call Ash Wednesday overnight, and then came home and crawled in bed to a house empty of people but seemingly FULL of cats who wanted to share the waterbed (and sleep). So most of the day I was not with my husband and family, but they, being gracious, seemed to be OK with that.

2. Did you celebrate Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday this year? Any memories of memorable celebrations past?
I remembered to make pancakes this year. And bacon. This was met with huge approval. 🙂

3. How about Ash Wednesday, past and/or present?
This year, I was on call. So I didn’t make it to a service, and I spent most of my time with a couple of trauma calls. It was a busy night. Nothing like working a trauma room to help you remember “from dust you are, and from dust you shall return.”

4. Do you have a personal plan of give-ups, take-ons, special ministries, and/or a special focus for your own spiritual growth between now and Easter?
I mentioned these in a previous post, but I’ll re-list them here –

  • I’m doing the Photo-a-day challenge from (and posting them on this blog)
  • I’m writing prayers with Rachel Hackenberg (and most likely keeping those private)
  • I’m reading and meditating on the weekly Lectionary

If I can keep up the positive disciplines, I’ll be pretty content with that.

5. Do you have a book or a website you are reading often during Lent?

Books: I have a stack going at the moment (none of them near my computer). I’ll have to post them another time.
Website: I’m reading Rachel’s and enjoying the cross-section of folks who are also writing their prayers.

Bonus: Song, prayer, picture, etc. that sums up your feelings about this liturgical springtime.

Shawn McDonald’s Open Me is one of those “heart songs” that I play and play over and over. When I was looking for a video, I found this one with the lyrics in Spanish.  I’ve pasted in the lyrics in English. 🙂

Open Me- Shawn McDonald

Would You open up eyes, so I can see?
Would You open up my ears, so I can hear?
Would You open up my mind, so I can know?
Would You open up my heart, so could love You more?

I want to serve You, my God
I want to give everything
I want to serve You, my King, yeah
I want to serve You, my Lord
I want to give You everything, yeah

Here I am with my arms open wide
Asking for You to come up, up inside
Won’t You make me new, won’t You make me true
Jesus, won’t You make me like You, oh

Will You touch my eyes so I can see?
Will You touch my ears so I can hear?
Will You touch my mind so I can know?
Will You touch my heart so I can love You more?

Won’t You open me, open me…

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