Friday Five: Smiles

Jan from RevGalBlogPals offers this week’s Friday Five:

For this Friday Five, what makes you smile? Remembering that Meister Eckhart said that if you pray “thank you” that that is enough of a prayer, share with us five things, memories, or activities that bring you smiles and gratitude.

I’m going to do it with photos and a song.

1. A Place full of memories and laughter:

Sunset at the Beach
Sunset at the Beach

2. Friends for the road: I can laugh, cry, pray, struggle with them.

The Pastorettes - Dana, Elizabeth, Marina, (and missing Terry)
The Pastorettes – Dana, Elizabeth, Marina, (and missing Terry)

3. Our wonderful daughters, Reedy Girl and The Johnnie, and my Beloved Bearded Spouse.

I love my fambly...
I love my fambly…

4. The feline members of the family.

Tiria, the Shadow Princess

Polgara, the Elder Statescat and Duchess
King Henry the First
King Henry the First, Royal Wuzzlebucket and Accredited Fuzz Therapist

5. God’s “amen” – flowers. Blooming in the most unlikely places.

God's AMEN: Flowers in unlikely places>
God’s AMEN: Flowers in unlikely places

This song by John Rutter, with its amazing photography, brings a sense of peace every time, and a smile with deep roots of joy and contentment.


    • I didn’t make the video – just linked to it as it’s one of my faves. It’s on YouTube. You just click the “share” tab under the video and then click “embed” – there’s the code to copy and paste into your blog. Nice trick. 🙂


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