Helping Kids in Honduras

God works in Her mysterious ways. Sometimes even through Facebook!

About a month ago, I read a status update from a friend about an upcoming mission trip to Honduras. She was making an “all call” for financial support for a coworker who was going. Realize that as a pastor and chaplain, I probably get dozens of these letters and requests each year (with a huge uptick in March when high school and college students are trying to go on a summer trip.) The kicker is, of course, that I can’t support them all. This post, however, touched my heart.

Jenny’s blog described the trip she will be taking in July to Honduras. Her tasks will center around the children that their mission team meets. And she came up with a brilliant idea of “filling a suitcase” with art supplies to take with her. Simple. Clear. And definitely needed!

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. They have one of the highest murder rates per capita. And it goes without saying that the public health needs are astronomical. The mission group that Jenny is working with, Luke World Missions, has several outreach programs. One is a medical clinic in El Castano. They also go out to isolated villages and bring primary care to them. Since LWM is a Christian organization, they also organize worship services and special Bible school programs for the children. Jenny estimated that she will be helping with these programs for about 500 children!

So I got in touch with her, and after a conversation with Todd, our lead pastor, Church in Bethesda joined me in supporting her suitcase project. In 3 weeks, we FILLED that suitcase to overflowing!

There were crayons, markers,and sidewalk chalk; (a genius idea – the big pieces will last longer and can be used on the cement block walls.) There were several pads of paper, art supplies boxes, paints, brushes, and a small canvas! In fact, we received so much in donations and so quickly that we closed down the project a week early.

This week I delivered the suitcase to Jenny. She was so excited and grateful. God takes little things and multiplies them. She will be posting updates about her progress and her trip this summer, so stay tuned!

In God’s providential timing, this morning I read in the Washington Post about some of the corruption in Honduras, particularly in their prison system. It brought this project to a deeper sense of poignancy and urgency. If your heartstrings are being tugged on a little, you can read more about what Jenny currently needs for her trip on her blog.

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