RevGals: An Inspiration Friday Five

Sally from RevGalBlogPals offers this week’s Friday Five:

1. What has encouraged you? Celebrating the end of another school year with our awesome progeny! The Johnnie has completed her junior year at St. John’s College (no small feat for a Humanities gal who had to take calculus and physics this year!) She moves on to enjoy a summer of mud and mosquitos as a counselor at Calleva for the third year in a row. While she’s at it, she’s staying in shape for another season with crew and reading War and Peace (yes. really.)  Reedy Girl was inducted into the National Honor Society last night. She’s made it through her AP tests, SAT and (soon) ACT. Her next acronym is REST. 🙂 She will be a senior at Lake Woebegone High School in the fall.  They’ve both worked hard at their studies — a tribute to their self-discipline.

2. What has inspired you?  Seeing some young adults I know overcome adversity, including personal hells of various kinds, to graduate and begin their careers. You know who you are. I’m proud of you!!

3. What has challenged you?  Staying positive while I look for a full-time chaplain position. I have some criteria which mean that I am not “settling” for a job which is an hour away with minimum wage.

4. What has made you smile?  Silly Henry.

5. What has brought a lump to your throat or a tear to your eye in a good way? I was part of a special medical procedure this week, where I was specifically asked to participate as the patient’s chaplain. Science may rule medicine, but the Spirit still rules hearts.


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