That day I put cat food in her lunch…

I’ve packed lunches for the kids for years. I didn’t mind doing it, and it was cheaper than the swill that passes for “cafeteria food.” I like to think that I provide adequate nutrition, and provide the occasional whimsical surprise. You know — fun things like mixing parmesan and pizza Goldfish crackers. Or brownies. Or cutting their sandwiches into shapes.

I’ve doodled on their lunchbags. Included little love notes. (A word to the wise: they are happier when the notes are SMALL and NOT MUSHY.) I’ve even managed to space out and give them TWO desserts.

But never, ever, in my groggiest, sleep-deprived moments, did I put in something like this:

Honest. Usually I find a better source of protein for my children’s lunches.

Distracted. Decaffeinated (the coffee pot wasn’t done brewing.) Talking, making lunches, AND cleaning off the counter, and that’s what happened. I did not even notice.

Lunchtime, I get a text message: Ummmm??? along with the photo.

I laughed. I blushed. She also thought it was funny (as did her friends) and she brought home the cat snack (untouched, by the way.) And we moved on. But I don’t think I’ll live this one down for a while…


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