Friday Five: Birthday Edition

Kathrynzj from RevGals writes:

There’s a birthday for an adult member of my family today. I will admit, I’m not very good at celebrating birthdays. Sadly, the adults in my life have suffered from this affliction. I do manage to rally for my son (now age 7).

I could bore you with my own personal history of birthday laments which may have led to this attitude… but I won’t (you’re welcome). Instead I’d love to hear your birthday memories.

1) What is the first birthday you remember?
Counting the candles, I was 7. 🙂 I “shared” my birthday with my maternal grandmother, whose birthday was on Flag Day two days after mine.

2) Do you recall a favorite gift? Pre-teen years, it was a collection of horse figurines, acquired one at a time for birthdays and Christmas.

3) Has anyone ever tried to surprise you for your birthday? Did it work? Was it fun? Yes I had a surprise party sprung on me. And no it wasn’t fun. I was tired, sweaty and ready to go to sleep after a 12 hour shift. My roommates had a surprise party and they were all cool, collected and well-groomed. They also invited someone who had a crush on me and I had turned him down several times. He thought his being invited meant I really WAS interested. It was awkward. NOT. A. FAN.

4) Do you have a favorite birthday dessert? Anything as long as it’s chocolate. Or… maybe Reedy Girls amazing Creme Brulee!

5) Describe what would be your ‘perfect birthday’. Frankly? A house elf to clean my house and get rid of all of the junk. And after I get back from a day at the beach where I’ve spent the day napping and enjoying fruity adult beverages of choice with little umbrellas in them, a steak dinner with my family. (Never mind that the closest beach is about 4 hours away!)


  1. the horse figurines sound wonderful and It’s consoling to read about another unfun surprise party. thanks for playing!


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