Second Hesitations

Be careful what ye blog, for verily, thy future employer shall find thee out.

2 Hesitations 1:4

I am eight weeks away from finishing my fourth unit of CPE. I’m polishing the old resume, writing my consultation paper, and working on a “model” verbatim. In addition, I’m trying to finish up all those lovely final CPE projects which kill the evening hours and fill the pre-dawn hours of my life. (What’s a weekend? What’s it like to goof off after work? And will I ever just sit and be a couch potato after work? I dare not believe it.)

But enough whining. If I had wanted a regular, 9-to-5 job, I wouldn’t be a pastor, now, would I? 🙂

To be honest, I’ve had some wonderful experiences in this fourth unit. In addition to my CPE hours, I’ve been working per diem at a different hospital for evenings and weekends. I’m getting the best of the both worlds — professional experience with consultation and supervision. I enjoy being a resource and supporting families as they make some difficult decisions. I have so many stories I could tell, but can’t because of the privacy rules that the institutions require us to follow. (As well they should. The stories are not really mine to tell.)

The second main area where I blog is in the arena of politics and theology. I have been sorely tempted to post on the really stupid things I see in the press, in social media, in society in general. And yet… I recognize that I could jeopardize a potential hire if I scream too loudly of the “wrong” camp (whatever that may be.) My uneasiness increases when I think about my desire to be authentic…  that who you read about, talk to and see are one and the same person. If you’re read my stuff at all, there should be no surprises that I’m a feminist. And a Democrat. And an unapologetic supporter of “green” practices. And that I do believe that there is such a  thing as global warming.

Because of the intersection of these events, the end of CPE and the beginning of a job search, I’m trying to be circumspect in what I post. And hopefully… yes, i’ll still be employable when this post turns up on a bot search.

May God be kind and bless…

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