RevGalBlogPals – Why I’m one of ’em

In September of 2006, I stumbled on to a group of bloggers that I truly appreciate, and daresay, love. The RevGalBlogPals started with a casual post in July of 2005 among some women in ministry (and their pals) who were creating an encouraging, nurturing and challenging place to grow.

I’ve met only a few of the group, albeit fleetingly, at the Wild Goose Festival last summer. But who they are, where they are headed, and why they do what they do rolls simply and easily into my life work.

There have been babies blessed, calls accepted and mourned, ordinations celebrated, marriages that start/end, or struggle/grow, and here and there even a few retirements. The conversations stimulated my dreams of ministry and helped me hone my own voice and perspective on my faith and call. They’ve made me laugh. They’ve gotten creative juices going with the “Friday Fives.”

I’ve had sympathetic ears and encouragement to persevere through seminary and CPE. They’ve dealt with prejudice, judgmental voices, recalcitrant sheep and stodgy polities. And yet… they press on. There’s more to do, dream, preach and write about.

When I post a slightly whiney story, they get it. And then they urge me to get over it, and move on.

When I mourn the growing up of our daughters, they mourn. And then they help me celebrate these important milestones.

When I worry about a friend or family member, they listen. And then they point me to my Source of Hope and Courage.

When I am angered by a political backwater lapping around my ankles, they hand me a bucket. And then they help me start bailing.

Many of them are off on a grand adventure  this week. Lord willing, I’ll join them in 2013, whenever and wherever it may be, to experience their grace and joy IRL. After seven years in the making, I’ll finally join a RevGal meet-up. And that will be amazing.


  1. Beautifully said. Thanks for posting.
    Hope you can join us for the Big Event next year. It was great. I really feel I got away and came home restored and renewed.


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