Monday Link Love: All dressed up and nowhere to go

Well it’s All Hallow’s Eve (to be proper about it) but we are not going to be at church… we will have candy to hand out. Reedy Girl is hoping against hope that we won’t have many Trick-or-Treat’ers so that we get the balance of the candy. Since she doesn’t go OUT to collect candy any more, I understand her feelings. And in the interests of having candy left to hand out tonight, we opted to leave the bag sealed until the last possible moment!

At any rate… here’s this week’s links! Enjoy! life’s too short to be serious! 🙂

1. Just for fun… because Google has fun producing their Google Doodles! I Love LOVE LOVE Google’s Halloween video!

2. My friends in Texas (UNT to be exact) might want to watch the sky…

3. There’s hope for me doing NaNoWriMo if

4. xkcd has a webcomic up about blank pages…

5. This just in: Prairie Home Companion sound effects genius Tom Keith has died. 😦

6. Catalogue Living has a great Halloween themed post. Poor Elaine… she’s been getting the short end of the stick lately. Gary is quite perturbed!

7. A video that lifts my heart… 🙂

8. Pat Green brings out several complaints and longings about youth groups that I have heard from my progeny… AND their friends!

9. Pastors and church leaders, here’s one for us…

10. Finally (did you really make it this far??) here’s a link to an article that I struggle with and yet agree with on many levels. See what you think!

For the next month, I’m attempting to write a novel. Yes. In my “spare time”! So I probably won’t be doing Link Love posts. But I will be G+-ing any that I enjoy. So find me on Google Plus. 🙂

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