What lifts you?

Sally asked in the RevGals Friday Five for us to give a list of things that “lift” us when we are in a dark place, or where we are feeling overwhelmed. Since I had a Friday at work that definitely would be filed under the category titled “Forgettable – please” I was not in a mood to play. However, now, with a bit of rest, some time to process and pray, and distance from Friday, I think I can participate.

It is notable that when I am in the midst of such a place, I am NOT able to lift myself without a lot of self-motivating. In fact, when I’m that down, I don’t want to write or say much of ANYTHING because what comes out of my mouth (or on the page) can be very caustic and defensive. And I don’t like going there!!

SOoooo here’s my “better-late-than-never” post!

Sally from RevGals writes:

Over the last few weeks I have been struggling with depression, I know that from reading other folks blogs that I am not alone in this, and from time to time if not suffering from depression that everyone feels down. With that in mind I wonder what lifts you? So I’d like you to share 5 things:

1. A Scripture- it might be a verse or a whole book!
I tend to go to the Psalms, especially to some of my favorites: Psalm 91, Psalm 40 and Psalm 37.

2. A piece of music.
Actually, I have a playlist on my iPod called “UPBEAT” and I usually play it when I need some refocusing and some encouragement. I have a lot of songs that encourage me… but this one has been comforting…

3. A place.
I didn’t get there the last two summers đŸ˜¦ but for me, it’s the beach. The wind, the surf, the gulls, the peace.

4. A person/ group of people
Well, this is hard to believe, given that I am an extreme extrovert, but if I am really in a down place, I just need to be by myself. Then, when I peek around the door of my closet pity party, I like to find family and friends who aren’t keeping a scorecard on whether or not I’m experiencing “victorious Christian living.” (You know who you are… and I sure do love you!)

5. Something you do…
Curl up on the waterbed and read, or cuddle with one of the cats for what Reedy Girl calls “Purr Therapy.” Nothing like it.

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