Monday Link Love

Well it was a busy news week now, wasn’t it? I have to say that I haven’t been bored. I could do with a little boredom. Anyway, here’s this week’s links for your reading pleasure…

1. Eric Fisher created this animation of the tweets about the earthquake on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. (I included the date in case you were on the moon or something and didn’t hear about it already.)

2. With the resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple as CEO, this commencement speech from Stanford (2005) has resurfaced. I think he practices what he preaches.

3. Here’s two links here and  here to what we call “Geek Sweets” — hilarious! (If you don’t understand them, just ask someone under 30…)

4. I admit it. I am ticklish. When I get a pedicure, I giggle and squirm. But maybe a fish pedicure would be better? (except that now I hear they are considered “unsanitary” and have been banned. Phooey.)

5. Since we just got The Johnnie settled back at college, I appreciate this Stat Shot from The Onion titled “What are we bringing with us to college?” and Beloit’s “Mindset List” on the class of 2015.

6. Since I’m a hospital chaplain AND a musician, I hummed as I read this discography of disease.

7. I’ve lived in the hurricane zone, so I do know how to tape a window. I’ve never been convinced that it actually DID any good (other than put money in the bank for those who sell tape!) But in New York City, where hurricanes come once a century, apparently there are styles of window taping. Who knew?

8. School started for Reedy Girl today. That early morning tromp to the bus stop isn’t any easier than last year. I still find it incredible that I’m barely finished with my second cup of coffee and she’s in class at 7:25 a.m. First period? Latin 3!

9. I’m thinking that the current crop of Republican politicians is just as scary as the last go-round…

10. This one doesn’t need a comment.

11. The generational split is only increasing in politics, according to Public Religion Research Institute, as Millennials prepare to vote.

12. A letter from a statesman, Jack Layton. It really is true: “A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman thinks of the next generation.”

Thanks for the links you send my way. 🙂

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