Hurricane songs

Well it started on Facebook, so I thought I’d move the list over here. I shared in my Friday Five about a hilarious rainy day activity we did on a very VERY rainy retreat weekend… coming up with songs about the weather. My friends and family chipped in their ideas after my status update yesterday…

Compiling my hurricane song list: Row, row, row your boat, Stormy Weather, Raindrops Keep Fallin, GoodNight Irene, more! sing along! #Irene

They added:

  • Jimmy Buffett – Feeling like surfin’ in a hurricane
  • Blowing in the Wind
  • It’s Raining Men
  • Careful with that ax, Eugene
  • And it’s a hard rain gonna fall
  • Singing in the rain
  • Mercy is falling like sweet spring rain
  • Dick Dale surfer music
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Sailing
  • Bridge over troubled water
  • Everyone knows it’s “windy”
  • Love me like a hurricane
  • Praise you in this storm
  • Let it Rain (Open the floodgates of heaven)

Play along in the comments if you’d like. 🙂

One comment

  1. How about:
    A Capital Ship fpr an Ocean Trip”
    “Anchors Aweigh”
    “Row the Boat Ashore”
    “Beautiful Ohio”
    “Swanee River”


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