It’s a rain day here. More rain is forecast, even high winds and possibly some other fun “stuff” to follow. While the skies are grey, it’s really a refreshing, greening rain. I’m watching as the rain slowly changes things from green to greener, as the birdbath fills up (literally!) and as things which were small shoots are showing more and more growth.

It’s a metaphor of change and metamorphosis from the browns of March to the greens of April. Life changes. We grow and change too! The beauty of these last few days has been breath-taking… just wanted to share it with you.

Oh yeah – that picture of rhubarb stalks? It’s just one of my favorite foods in the WORLD! I chopped and stewed it and enjoyed it for breakfast with fresh strawberries sliced on top! YUM!!!

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  1. I like rubbarb, too – yummy! but mosly in cake, pie, and as a topping for ice cream…I hope you have weathered this rash of horrible weather without incident…


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