I realized as I did a phone booth style transformation from chaplain (sweater, “Janie” clerical collar, skirt and heels) to tourist (traded jeans and sneaks for skirt and heels, took off “Janie”) that I’ve gotten good at transitions. Moving from room to room. Hearing good news and then drying tears, my work days are highly varied and there’s always something to do.

So now I’m in vacay mode – even for just a few days – and it is a welcome change. I’m even “unplugging” and won’t be on “SpaceHook” (as another RevGal calls it) or answer emails. I might do a blog post if my mind is sufficiently willing But I purposely did not bring CPE books. Or my laptop.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my mom and sibs, doing some manual labor, eating some seafood and just being OFF call.

We are encouraged to take our rest seriously – as a reminder that creativity returns when we are renewed.

So I’m going “off the air” – be safe friends! talk to you soon.

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