et lux perpetua…

Today during our Hospice team meeting, we stopped at the 10 o’clock hour to honor the lives lost in Parkland, Florida just two weeks ago. Just two weeks… I re-lit our memorial candles to read the 17 names. After two or three names, I could not go on. So I passed the paper to a … More et lux perpetua…

A Riverside Chat: Or How The Reverend Crankypants Got Her Groove Back

I took a break from a staff retreat today and headed down to the Potomac River. It’s been many months, but I knew that getting a chance to sit near the water would do my heart good. I was a long ways from the riverbank, when I could hear the rapids. I found a rock … More A Riverside Chat: Or How The Reverend Crankypants Got Her Groove Back


  In the chaplain’s office, we have a small prayer corner. It’s something very simple… a bowl with small pebbles, a hand labyrinth, and some meditation pieces. One of the rocks has the word “Remember” on it. I got it at the Holocaust Museum, as a symbol of the people forever lost. But the stone … More Remember

The “OFF” button

This weekend I have been practicing something that I haven’t done in a long time. I practiced using the “OFF” button. This particular one is on the cell phone issued to me by my employer. Though I am not required to use it to field voicemails and answer emails, on previous weekends, I have “just … More The “OFF” button


I realized as I did a phone booth style transformation from chaplain (sweater, “Janie” clerical collar, skirt and heels) to tourist (traded jeans and sneaks for skirt and heels, took off “Janie”) that I’ve gotten good at transitions. Moving from room to room. Hearing good news and then drying tears, my work days are highly … More Transitions