Meet Up with one of Mindy’s friends!

We’re leaving in the morning…. sigh…

Here in Beaufort, you can meet just about anyone. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been sighted at Hilton Head. Tom Hanks filmed a movie here, and so did a whole passle of other folks.

Beaufort is a sweet l’il ol’ southern town where they still make sweet tea from scratch and call you “honey.” It’s just a nice place to vacation.

So, it really didn’t surprise me when I ran into one of Mindy’s friends…

She had some kinda rash! She told me that a girl can get her skin really roughed up if she doesn’t use sunblock and moisturizer. Looking knowingly at my freckled, slightly pink face, she ‘llowed as how I was gonna be peeling myself in a few days.

As for the things on her back? She shrugged. She was sure SOMEONE thought it was a great pun — “bloom where you are planted. ha ha.”

And she wondered why the Beaufort Arts Council decided to make her live just a half a block away from Talbot’s, where, she noted, NO ONE with HIPS ever bothers to shop!!! As she pointed out, she was facing the other way… towards the Dairy Queen just a few blocks the OPPOSITE direction!

I like her style.


Oh… to Mindy she says, “y’all come to Beaufort any time.”

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