Friday Five: Lock Me Out, Lock Me In

Songbird of RevGalBlogPals writes:

For some reason, Blogger declared this blog possible SP*M and locked us down yesterday. This morning, we’re free to post again, but there was a fair amount of excitement last night among our contributors, who found a dire notice on their Blogger dashboards threatening that this blog might be deleted in 20 days!

We requested a blog review, and I posted a request at the Blogger Help group, where I found we were not alone. Many other perfectly nourishing and cromulent blogs got the same notice last night.

This turned out to be a very small barricade in our blogging community life, but it seemed appropriate to explore locks and blocks and other barriers this week. Also, I liked the picture of the security team above! Could they be Blogger’s Spam Prevention Robots, working overtime?

In honor of their efforts, I bring you the “Lock Me Out, Lock Me In” Friday Five.

1) How do you amuse yourself when road construction blocks your travel?
Pre-GPS days, I would play “radio roulette” and just keep punching the “search” button on my FM radio. (Did you know that, regardless of where in the US you travel, there are an inordinate amount of Country stations??? yilg…) Now, I hit that “find detour” button. At least I’m moving. It’s questionable whether I am actually getting there any faster…

2) Have you ever locked yourself out of your house? (And do you keep an extra key somewhere, just in case?)
Sigh. Yes… The worst was when I was taking the trash out late one night. The door to the house (the handset in the door handle was finicky) blew shut and locked itself. I could spend the night in my car… or I could bang on the door until my husband let me in. He, of course, was sound asleep. Neither one of us were happy. (A moment of marital bliss it was NOT!) My husband took some Lock-eze to it the next day. And no – no keys hidden anywhere outside our house. We have a neighbor who has ours, though.

3) Have you ever cleared a hurdle? (And if you haven’t flown over a material hurdle, feel free to take this one metaphorically.)
Um. No, but I knocked them down regularly in the Track and Field P.E. unit in high school…

4) What’s your approach to a mental block?
It depends on what it is. Since I am one mental block away from finishing my latest round of Turabian uh… fertilizer I assign myself “mini-tasks” to make the insurmountable seem possible. If that doesn’t work I throw food around on Facebook. When I get really disgusted, I go blow off some steam at WellGames! (And those of you who struggle with getting distracted on-line should NOT go there. Repeat: NOT!!! But if you like a fun game, try Glassez or Beadz!)

5) Suggest a caption for the picture above; there will be a prize for the funniest answer!
“Huey felt their relationship was one-sided; Dewey and Louie thought he was acting a bit unhinged…”

And now… on to my day…


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