remind me why…

Please remind me why I want to do this seminary thing… because I am seriously struggling with any interest or desire to take any more classes…

Sometimes I wonder if those who teach at the graduate level are just getting some kind of twisted “payback” to the next generation of students, as in, “I had to suffer through this class, and so will you.”

I guess it is a weird form of Spiritual Prune Juice. Or maybe Theological Cod Liver Oil. It’s good for you, probably. It can’t hurt you, in all likelihood. No one has ever decided you could still be a good pastor without it. Because in the end, it only produces so much.. uh.. “fertilizer!” (And NO – I won’t tell you which class/classes are provoking this rant from me because all I need is for my rebellious, cynical remarks to get back to the prof/profs involved!!!)



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