What is it? Gremlins?

OK, earlier in the week we had the death by fours thing.

Later that day, our (voice) landline suddenly stopped working (but the DSL line was fine.) So I filed a trouble ticket and was told the repairs would happen today.

This morning I went to plug in a phone just so the repairman could call the line, expecting to hear… nothing… and there was a dial tone. I go to the Verizon site to cancel the “trouble ticket” and there wasn’t one. I go to find the email which tells me I filed a “trouble ticket” and couldn’t find it.

But now my new cell phone doesn’t work. What is this????

As the pièce de résistance…
Remember my lovely hand vacuum?? It’s working again. No smoke. No bang.


If my kids hadn’t been here to witness it, I would have doubted my sanity!


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