I’m saved. Apparently.

I often troll through Lark News… just because they make me laugh at the crazy ways people in the USA think that being a “Christian” must be defined. I finally got around to taking their EQ test (Evangelical Quotient) based on Joel Kirkpatrick’s book “A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat”…

…and I won’t tell you what I scored, but I’ll give you a clue. I’m saved. Apparently.

The categories (by points) were:
125-150 points Very evangelical.
points Somewhat evangelical.
points Backslidden.
points Unsaved.

Sometimes, the subculture that claims exclusive rights to Christianity really REALLY gets to me, so I need to go read where the saracasm drips from the fonts off of the page. Where I wince at the painful truth. Where I am reminded to look at who I am and how I live out my life and my faith. And sometimes, just being a pot-stirrer is a whole lotta fun!


P.S. The shirt is on sale here.

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