Oboe, snake and snow!

It is just too pretty out there. I am going to have to close the curtains. I mean, really. WHO wants to type when it’s so lovely outside??

So instead of studying, let me do a quick photoblog of the last week. I can at least claim something productive from my procrastination!!

FIRST… Reedy Girl played her oboe in a concert and had a solo.
Reedy Girl (center) with compatriots…
…and playing away on her chosen WMD (weapon of musical description!)

THEN… Our long-spined friend has made himself at home.

As a necklace…

And as a hair scrunchie!

FINALLY… It is beautiful today.

The morning started watching a puffed up hawk size up our squirrel population. (I think she was wearing her down longjohns!!) Can you see her? She thought she was invisible!

And now we have a bit of snow falling, just decorative enough to make it really hard to write my paper. sigh…

And falling hard enough that I suspect there will be a bit of aerobic exercise this afternoon once it stops. It’s no biggie. Only about 3-4 inches forecast, which means we will get half of that or twice as much!

But isn’t it pretty???

OK. I’m back to work. sigh…


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