Sticky Notes

During my seminary days, I made up “sticky note timelines” to help me stay on top of what was due next. It also helped me prepare for long-term projects. Depending on my whimsical organization at the time, the different colors meant something. Or not. There was a sense of accomplishment to pull off another note from the timeline… I felt like I was doing some kind of forward motion!

So now I am faced with a to-do list that is overwhelming me. I’m getting ready to break out the sticky notes! I started with the ones on my computer desk top (and I actually got the first one done this morning!) I’m thinking, though, that I need to have “real” sticky notes to keep me focused. Um. And also off of the computer.

And on that note, I’m off on my next task!

Oboe, snake and snow!

It is just too pretty out there. I am going to have to close the curtains. I mean, really. WHO wants to type when it’s so lovely outside??

So instead of studying, let me do a quick photoblog of the last week. I can at least claim something productive from my procrastination!!

FIRST… Reedy Girl played her oboe in a concert and had a solo.
Reedy Girl (center) with compatriots…
…and playing away on her chosen WMD (weapon of musical description!)

THEN… Our long-spined friend has made himself at home.

As a necklace…

And as a hair scrunchie!

FINALLY… It is beautiful today.

The morning started watching a puffed up hawk size up our squirrel population. (I think she was wearing her down longjohns!!) Can you see her? She thought she was invisible!

And now we have a bit of snow falling, just decorative enough to make it really hard to write my paper. sigh…

And falling hard enough that I suspect there will be a bit of aerobic exercise this afternoon once it stops. It’s no biggie. Only about 3-4 inches forecast, which means we will get half of that or twice as much!

But isn’t it pretty???

OK. I’m back to work. sigh…


Should be…

…getting dinner …studying …practicing …maybe even praying …or practicing my French…

INSTEAD – I wandered over to The Gallery of Regrettable Food! and then clicked onward to find a recipe for the worst jello and food combination I could think of… who knew that someone had actually made Carrot Olive Lime Jello??

Oh my. How positively disgusting. I must be finding this humorous because I have spent too many hours in a Greek Lexicon today… or because I’m just warped.

While it could indeed be my lackadaisical cooking, this time it isn’t. Click on over and enjoy… funny stuff!



I scored an 11 out of 15 on “The Redneck Quiz” which is either pathetic or hilarious…

“You scored well (11 out of 15) this means you are one of 3 things.
1) You are exceptionally bright.
2) You used to be a redneck but have moved out of the south and are in remission.
3) You are a redneck but trying to hide it.”

BTW – Just so you know… the Hebrew alphabet fits nicely to “GGG of GGGG” if you end it with “I’ve learned my Hebrew alphabet!”

I know you were staying up late worried about that one.