sometimes I won’t lock-step

I got one of these emails that we all probably get…

“I wanted to alert you to this terrible _______ (movie/book/product/activity) that is being promoted. It will destroy our children’s faith and bring us all into heresy if we _______________ (watch it/read it/use it/do it). Tell all of your friends to boycott ________________!”

NOTE: This is not an actual email.
This is similar to many I have received.

OK. It’s time for a mild rant…

First of all, I have usually deleted without a thought the emails that suggest I don’t love Jesus if I don’t forward whatever someone has sent with with artsy-fartsy graphics and glitter text, with a Bible verse tacked on the end. I do love Jesus. I just don’t think He wants to see His Name linked with this stuff. And I also don’t like the ones that expect me to send it back to you if you are my BFFIJC – (…for those of you not in the know, that “Best Friend Forever In Jesus Christ.”)And if you have sent me these emails, I apologize for being so rude about it. But I am still your friend if I don’t send it back to you. I promise.

Second, I really, REALLY dislike Bible verses used out of context. And in these kinds of emails, they usually are. Don’t make me get out my commentaries and use them on you.

Third, I don’t think that just because a leading Christian organization or speaker doesn’t like a specific movie/book/product/activity excuses me from the right to use my own MIND and DISCERNMENT to prayerfully evaluate it. Your life may require that you abstain from things like this. Or, your personality make-up may cause you to struggle with certain things that don’t bother me. (And to be honest, the reverse may be true.) I think in these cases, it calls for acceptance that others may interpret the “shoulds” differently that you or I do. And it’s OK. Really.

That’s it. I’m done. (Stick a fork in me…)


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