Invitation to Poetry: Rumpled Sheets

Abbey of the Arts invites one and all to her newest Invitation to Poetry on her blog:

I shared the other day about the freedom a messy spirituality is inviting me to and my dream of rumpled sheets. Then over the weekend there was this brilliant moment when the sun was illuminating my sheets and I captured it in the photo below. What does the image evoke for you? What words are stirred?

Feeling particularly messy and rumpled at the moment, I will most definitely PLAY! You see, I have realized… Sheets are NOT meant to be left folded in the package. Or covering a bed and not used… Sheets are meant to be rumpled. And so is life.

Oh. Sorry. On to the poetry…

I was taught
hospital corners and
fluffed pillows and
a neatly pulled-up bedspread
was how you started your day.
Routines. Organization.

I grew up
and said,
“The bed will just get rumpled tonight!
why bother?” and
sloppiness seemed to work.

And now?
The rumpled parts of me and
those which sometimes straighten up
and fly right
are more comfortable and
less neat around the edges.
Unless, of course,
guests come.
And then the hospital corners come back.

What I have learned along the way
is that REAL friends
come and bounce on the bed
and rumple up the sheets
once more.

But extended grace
and Grateful.

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