temper, temper

My, my, my.

A friend who is a teacher sent me this link to read the rants and raves of modern educator/s/. Well, as a student (as long as the checkbook holds out) I was a bit bemused. As I work on my second graduate degree, I still find professors who (a) do as little as possible to get by because they are tenured or (b) do as much as they can to help students learn and grasp their chosen profession. There doesn’t seem to be any “Mr. (or Ms.) In-between” — not in my experience, anyway.

I would also note that whoever wrote the rant on May 21st does not talk like a human being. At least, not like any of the people I deal with in the “real world.” I am very VERY tired of people who sound like they swallowed a thesaurus, whether they be professors or seminarians. Actual quote:

“May your perfidy ramify through your life, so that all your dealings are as twisted as you are.”

Goodness. Someone needs a nap!

Oh wait. I forgot. That’s MY job. You lecture. I nap! Riiiiiiight. Whatever.


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