Freecycled into a new stage…

Time flies…

We just gave our trusty play set to new neighbors (and new friends?) through FreeCycle. It was pretty nice to not have to take the thing to the dump. We were done with using it, and it had become “an attractive nuisance” in liability insurance parlance. Truth be told, I am not sure they got a bargain, even though they’re happy. But a piece at a time, they’ve disassembled it to go to their yard. Their kids are thrilled to pieces. Our kids said, “eh… yeah… whatever…” and don’t seem to care. I am a bit bemused…

…wasn’t it only yesterday that Beloved Bearded Spouse and I assembled it in our garage (because it was raining) and then carried it out in large pieces to the yard, putting it together while the girls danced and hopped around us in excitement?

…wasn’t it just yesterday that they had “trips to the moon” and secret rendezvous in the “clubhouse” and competed in “Olympics” on the hand-over-hand ladder and hanging rings?

...wasn’t it just yesterday that kids were swinging and giggling on it on a summer’s evening as the adults sat under the arbor, talking and swatting mosquitoes?

There is this funny “space” in our yard. The grass is trampled down with funny U-shaped ruts, and the footprint of the play set is still there. By a year from now, you’ll never know what happened in this part of the yard…

But it’s OK.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: [Eccl. 3:1]

I am happy it has a new home. I am sad that we are suddenly past play sets.
Sort of…

From our home to yours…

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