Games of Biblical Proportions…

I am speechless…

I just read this article about an Iowa State University professor’s study on “religious” board games and toys… You will NOT believe it! Take a look!

WHO KNEW that there was a market (and a multi-million one, I might add) for “Catholic-opoly”, “KosherLand” and “Race to the Kabah”?? What’s next? “You Bet Your Caste?” “Name That Mantra?”

And in case you weren’t sure about the possibilities, besides the “Jesus Action Figure” (dark or light skinned tones available!) there’s the Job Action Figure too! Rags and boils included…

With stuff this weird, you know I’m not making it up… and it truly is no wonder that people who are not Christ-followers wonder at our beliefs…

From my perplexed and slightly amazed and “what’s-this-world-coming-to?” home to yours…


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