I am Worn

Without going into the reasons, it’s been a hard day here in Narnia. I’m banging my head against the proverbial wall… and yet despite the frustration, I also feel the love of good friends and a compassionate and caring God. So if you have had a day that has just about flattened you (and from … More I am Worn

From Second Hesitations

What do pastors think about when they are working their sore knees in physical therapy? Lots of things. Putting new words to old songs. Coming up with punny playlists (church nerd humor). And laughing at themselves. “A joyful heart is good medicine” says the Proverb. So it is… so it is. Therefore, put on the full … More From Second Hesitations

Prayers for the whys

Tonight I offer prayers for the whys prayers for the not agains prayers for the dying prayers for the dead prayers for the angry prayers for the scared prayers for the healers prayers for the investigators prayers for the grieving prayers for the bystanders prayers for the perpetuators of hate prayers for the unhelpful rhetoric … More Prayers for the whys

Ally in motion

It is a long night in Terminal C tonight. Once the airline’s gate agent announced a 2+ hour delay, many of the ticketed passengers either bailed to another flight, or went to find a place to eat dinner. I found a quiet corner, plugged in my headphones and started reading. I looked up at one … More Ally in motion