Dear Spell-check


Dear Spell Check,

           (Spellcheck? spellcheck?  spelcheck? spellczech?)

You and I are gonna come to blows. You done did it this time!

My last name has only ONE “a”.

“Maryland” is one word and no, I don’t want “Merry Land”.

That thing in her nose is a “nasal cannula” not a “nasal cannoli”… (wouldn’t THAT be messy!)

And I won’t even discuss what you did to turn “IRS” into “ARSE”! Seriously?

Here’s to you checking more carefully, and my being properly caffeinated before I send out my next document.

Your humbly (embarrassed) servant,



P.S. My family reminded me of  one of my greatest miss-texts. It was the time that I was text-nagging a daughter to get her annual flu shot. Except that Siri, in all of her wisdom, changed “flu shot” to “fly shit.” I’ll never live that one down.

Not very holy post…

That sound you just heard was laughter…

Because Cathy’s post pointed me to Jo(e)’s post on current slang and vocabulary. I did know some of it (don’t ask. I read a lot) but it’s obvious I am going to need to brush up on my Spanish vernacular.

Not a very holy post… and now it’s time to push and finish the semester…