See you with more hair!

Between finishing my chemotherapy regimen and starting radiation treatments in a few weeks from now, I had to have a CT scan. While all of my tests have shown so far that I am NED (“no evidence of disease”), I was still a little nervous. Scans and tests are a part of every cancer patient’s regimen. Each one requires time, energy and waiting. Lots of waiting…

I arrived early, as requested, to drink “the stuff.” By that I mean the contrast that makes my innards clearer for the radiologist. It’s… vile but necessary. I arrived fasting as required, with my cup of ice, and in a slightly grumpy mood.

The appointment was not without its lighter moments. The receptionist asked me if there was any chance I was pregnant. I laughed. She looked serious. I finally said, “Um, did you check my diagnosis? And my birthdate?” She said, “Well, I have to ask you.” I said, “I had a hysterectomy and I’m post-menopausal.” With a blank expression, she said, “OK… No.”

Sigh. Ok then…

Lying there on the scanner bed as it was moving back and forth, holding my breath or not as instructed, I could only marvel at the gift of technology and medical knowledge. In a few days, I’ll learn more about what the scan shows.

My scan completed, I headed out to do the last bit of paperwork, pick up a CD of the images, and go home and eat some breakfast. Another cancer patient was in the waiting area, drinking her vile brew. She has been on this journey for 7 years. We clinked ice cups and talked briefly. She’s on a 6 month follow-up regimen now. As I headed out the door, she called out, “Hang in there. Next time, I’ll see you with more hair!”

Now THAT is a joyous thought!

Since I wrote this, the results were uploaded to the patient portal. The beautiful words were there: “No evidence of recurrent or metastatic disease.”

Blessed be!

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