Another year around the sun

I guess where I’m of an age that I can write bad poetry and get away with it. And if I’m not, then I beg your indulgence.

Another year around the sun,

I ponder all I’ve left undone

I look in the mirror and I see

I’m caught in my own frailty.

I look deeper and I know

There’s humor there, an honest flow

Of laughter, hope, and joy inside.

I am not perfect, though I try.


Another year around the sun,

I count my blessings, every one.

I cherish friends and family

Who walk with us in adversity

You hear our questions and our fears,

And carry us, and dry our tears.


Another year around the sun…

Another year…until it’s done.

God Calls, I listen and walk in grace

Until I see God Face to face.


Rev. Deb Vaughn 6/12/2022


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