Passion in the Palms

Created from the Hosannas of shawls and palms of Palm Sunday.

Passion in the Palms

a meditation on Holy Week

Where You walked, I followed — until the road was too steep and the burdens too many.

Where You prayed, I listened — until my mind wandered and I focused on myself, not You.

Where You acted, I watched — because I was afraid of criticism from other watchers

Where You preached, I listened — and then did as I pleased.

Where You loved, I judged — and forgot that You asked me to love others.

Where You suffered, I worried — but let my inaction stop me from offering comfort.

Where You died, I panicked — because I was not ready to commit my all to You.

And yet… Where You rise, I too will rise — because Love and Grace are not earned or deserved, but given freely.

Blessed be.


  1. Well written! There’s a lot of truth on this page. I will add to that: today’s also the 6 month mark in my marriage and I feel it’s no accident that it fell on Palm Sunday. I think the message of Palm Sunday has a lot to do with marriage: how Christ was so accepting of people as they are, how He remained calm amidst chaos, how approachable and available He was. And the classic messages of both Peace and Victory work for marriage too. Cheers and here’s to being more like Christ! Great reminders you shared today. 👏🏽👏🏽🌴


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