Cross-posted: The Fields of our Hearts

Take fields of our hearts, Lord,

The tired, the worn, the fertile and well-used,

The tested and tried ones.

The fields of our hearts need rest, Lord.

They are weary.

As we begin the Lenten season,

Prepare us.

Cultivate our hearts to listen.

Help us turn over the old barren places.

Soften the hard and rocky edges.

Show us the promise of spring, of new growth,

Of fields where we dream to see the fullness of your harvest.

For now, we rest in the stillness.

We pray.

We look to you and to the work you will do

We watch for your Spirit to work

In this season of Lent.

And in due season.


Written for RevGalBlogPals as part of their daily prayers. RevGalBlogPals is a consortium of writers and clergy and those who support them, lifting up their experiences and their voices. I am proud to be a part of their work!

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