Today was a Crying Day: A Lament

Outside a senior living facility near my home… “We [heart] Mom”

Today was a crying day, Lord, and I cry out to you.

I cry out to you, not understanding,

not wanting this pandemic to continue any longer. And knowing we have months and months to go.

I ache for real contact with extended family, with friends, with church friends.

I miss not having a chance to grieve together…

I miss hugs, telling stories, joking around, taking trips, gathering for the important and the inconsequential.

I miss it all…

The isolation, the masks, the hand-washing — all so necessary to protect the vulnerable — today seems so very hard.

Today was a crying day.

Tomorrow I will pray, and start again… and maybe cry some more.

But I know you are here, Lord, and you hear my cry.


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