Worries in the Night

A lit votive candle

The night has its own worries
Haunting sounds and whispers
Wake me from my sleep

What was that?!??

A cat jumped on the bed
My spouse mumbling in sleep
Or the 4:13 a.m. delivery of the newspaper…
(Yes, we still get one!)

I brush my knuckles across the sheets
And wince as dry skin connects with old cotton.
I yawn and flip to my back,
My side,
Willing myself to just get back to sleep…

I drift.
I yawn again.

Bits of hymns and introits
Wander through my mind.

I mentally rewrite the chord progressions,
Whisper the words,
Wiggle my fingers on an “air piano”
And pray for my beloveds: family, coworkers, neighbors, church friends and pastors…and even strangers…

Lead me, Lord. Lead me in Thy righteousness. Make Thy way plain before my face. For it is Thou, Lord, Thou Lord, only That makest me dwell in safety…”

Ah, yes, Lord.
May it be so.
Blessed be.

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