Keeping life weird. One day at a time. 

This week #2 Daughter and I made applesauce.  And applebutter. And canned them. 

We have tested them both. They. Are. DELISH!!! 

Now that you’ve stopped drooling…

Our efforts in preparing to can them were hampered by the fact I couldn’t find the canner! (Nor all of the canning rings and lids. But I digress.)

This evening, my bearded spouse found the bin we had ALL looked right past. Because on the outside it was labeled:

And yes. On the inside?

All the swear words. All of them. 

I’m sure I’ll use this as a sermon illustration for Luke 15 some time. At the moment, I’m too busy laughing at myself. 

Just keeping life weird around here, one day at a time. 


  1. Full disclosure:. I had no idea what that contraption was when I first saw that picture. I just knew it was a pan of some sort. And not anything remotely close to what was listed on the bin. 😀

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