Birthday blessings

It’s all in how you look for them, but the blessings are everywhere…

…in the shy bunny greeting me on the church sidewalk
…in the lazy, snoozy purrs of our feline residents
…in the tranquil beauty at sunset
…in the glory of a Peace rose

But most of all, in the love of the faces nearest and dearest to me. On today of all days, I feel very blessed indeed.

There is a lot wrong in the world, and a lot of injustice that breaks my heart. I’ll keep making space for those whose voices are not being heard. I’ll spend another day with my patients, eerily aware that their lives and their families are on the edge of death… and I go home to enjoy life.

It is a strange juxtaposition that many pastors feel when we rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. (Rom. 15)  Today it is all the more poignant, and perhaps more striking as I mark the start of another year.

Life is so very full. And all by Grace.

soli deo gloria

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