Hogtied. And it sucks.

I’m struggling with how to write (and what to write).  Recently the agency I worked for had another “advisory” against posting ANYTHING on social media that might contain PHI (Personal Health Information).

I don’t think I’ve ever crossed the line. But now I’m anxious.

If I describe a situation, or a person’s funny reaction to something I said, or reference a place where I visit patients… it could be a HIPAA violation. If I share a story that creates a pattern/suggestion of a person’s story, it’s not allowed. We were told: “If it could be read by the patient and/or the family member and recognized as being THEIR situation, it’s a violation.”

Well now…

So what do I write about? Some generically-edited, sanitized version of my work? What I ate for dinner? My spiritual journey is intimately tied to my Calling. My writing is meshed with my spirituality and faith.

I don’t want to write always looking over my shoulder. So, until I figure out how to dot all the HIPAA “i’s” AND be authentic, my blogging will be even less frequent.

Yep, I’m hogtied. It. Sucks.

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