-Mischief Managed

I solemnly swear I am up to no good. 

Dear political telemarketers,

I understand that you are volunteers. And that you are motivated to get your candidate’s name out there. But you make it far too easy to prank you…


It all started when I read the caller ID: “Republicans for Tdump”

(Feeling snarky, I think to myself, “Ok, I’ll play!”)

Me: Hi! Thanks for calling! Hold on while I connect you to your party!

[I hum fake on-hold music*]

*(Would have been TOTALLY believable until the cat meowed LOUDLY…)

Me: Hello? Hi? Hi? Hihihihihihi?

Poor unlucky caller: ummm HELLO?

Me: Hello? can you hear me? hi? 

(I repeated this until I felt merciful, then talked as if I were talking to someone in the room with me…)

…I don’t know… Caller ID says it’s Republicans for Tdump but I don’t hear anything…

Poor unlucky caller: Hello? Ma’am?

Me: Oh good! Yes! Hello? Hello?

Poor unlucky caller: yes!! HELLO!! (Without taking a breath, he launches into his spiel…) Well, as you know the Presidential Primary is coming up. Can you tell me who you’ll be voting for for the Republican nomination for President?

Me: oh yes! Bernie Sanders!

 Poor unlucky caller: [silence]

Poor unlucky caller: ummmmm [silence]

Poor unlucky caller: ok ummmmm next question… 

Of the following candidates, who will you vote for? Ted Cruise, Donald Tdump or John Casing? (Yes. I know they’re spelled wrong. Just playing with the data mining robots.)

Me: [quickly and with great enthusuasm] Jeb Bush!!!

Poor unlucky caller: [silence]

Poor unlucky caller: unmmmmm 


When I felt the giggles coming I just hung up… I’ll do better next time. 🙂

Feel free to play along at home. I need to go now and adjust my halo. 
Mischief managed. 

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