Here. Let us “help” you.

It’s that time of year. Time to pack up the stockings and ornaments, the wreaths and lights. Time to put away the holiday linens and platters, and the Christmas coffee mug. To be honest, it’s one of my least favorite chores. (It’s right up there with cleaning out the garage and scrubbing bathrooms…)

The job was almost finished. One or both of our cats decided to “help” take it down in the mean time. I heard a funny crashing sound and the scrabbling of two cats running for cover.


OK, Christmas is over. Epiphany was last week. I promise we are taking the tree down this week. (I’m just waiting for a little muscle to drop by later this week and help haul the tree up into the rafters.)

Cats. Making sure you get your chores done, whether you like to do them or not.

One comment

  1. My boys helped that way once, as preschoolers, at their grandparents’ house. DH and I were out at a movie so missed it all, but iirc there was minimal yelling even though the GPs had not yet PLANNED to take the tree down 🙂


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