Photo-a-day: Satisfied

14 The Eternal sustains all who stumble on their way.
For those who are broken down, God is near. He raises them up in hope.
15 All eyes have turned toward You, waiting in expectation;
when they are hungry, You feed them right on time.
16 The desires of every living thing
are met by Your open hand.
17 The Eternal is right in all His ways,
and He is kind in all His acts.
18 The Eternal stays close to those who call on Him,
those who pray sincerely.
19 All of you who revere Him—
God will satisfy your desires.
He hears the cries for help, and He brings salvation.
20 All of you who love God—
He will watch out for you,
but total destruction is around the corner for all the wicked.
21 My lips will sing the praise of the Eternal.
Let every creature join me and praise the holy name of God—forever and always!
From Psalm 145, The Voice


Last August, I savored this bowl of peaches, freshly picked from the orchard. They were warm from the sun. The weight, the scent of peaches filled the kitchen. The smell and feel of peach fuzz on my hands as I peel, slice and cook.

There is something about pulling the fruit right off the tree. It’s experiencing the full work of nature in my hand. It’s remembering the labor of the farmer, who cultivated the trees, watched over their blossoms and setting of the fruit.

It speaks of warmth, of summer, of harvest, of hard work finally seen through to fruition. It’s knowing that behind all of it, there is a Creator’s care and design.


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