Friday Five: Leftovers

Over at RevGals I’m hosting the Friday Five! I hope you’ll play along!

The Festival of the Pies!

Strange events this year meant that I did not have a BITE of all of the dishes prepared for Thanksgiving. A crazy GI bug flattened me for the day (and today as well!) It was NOT the Thanksgiving I had planned. (And maybe your Thanksgiving was not the ideal, either.)

But being thankful is a spiritual discipline. So I invite you to list five things, people, events or pets that you are truly thankful for this year.

  1. My beloveds – husband and daughters. This year there was a Thanksgiving Dinner because they (and their houseguests) pulled off a feast. More than just that, they have shown me what unconditional love and encouragement looks like. I’m grateful for them.
  2. My extended family… Scattered from Ohio to the Carolinas to Texas. I love and miss them.
  3. My work/ministry as a hospice chaplain. Each day is different and I never know what God will do.
  4. Good friends and partners in ministry. I am so grateful for the friendships formed with Jill, Kari, Linda, Glennyce and Dee. Love you gals!
  5. Books, computers and cats. The last few days I’ve been kept company by our cats who appear to enjoy the heat-producing fevers of my body.

BONUS: As spiritual careGIVERS we often forget to plan time to care for ourselves and we end up getting the dregs of our energies and self-care. What are you doing to make sure you aren’t getting the LEFTOVERS of your schedule for self care?

What a great question! 🙂 As one who is recovering from a nasty GI/flu bug, I can honestly say that giving myself permission to do NOTHING but sleep is important. Not even doing the dishes. Making time to do the things that give me a sense of renewal and peace…

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